Collodion Wet Plate Photography

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One frame per hour
that sounds odd in times where modern cameras shoot 20 frames per second. But exactly because of this deceleration I am able to create unique portraits with a strong expression. Like on paintings, but instead of paint I use light.

The wet plate collodion process
was invented from mr. Archer in 1851 and made it possible for everyone to have their own picture in their hands. Now you are able to experience this historic process in my studio. Where I use authentic equipment from back then to create a portrait of you.

An Alchemist
who creates gold is not who I am, but I manifest silver for you in the shape of your portrait on a metal or glas plate. To experience this whole process together, there is a lot of knowledge and experience needed, because I create all my chemicals by myself.

Lots of handicraft 
is needed to finish your portrait. Thats how photography becomes craftsmanship again, where you can experience lots of working steps by yourself. But be careful, after you experienced the first time how your portrait emerges out of nothing is like magic and you want to experience this moment again and again.

A memory for a lifetime
that you take with you. The varnish made out of the gum from the African Sandarac tree in combination with pure lavender oil protects your collodion wet plate portrait for a very long time. You will also remember the time in my studio for a very long time and every time you tell friends about it, you will feel the excitement again. Please contact me here for a booking request:

Workshops, Demonstration and Talks
if you are interested in a wet plate workshop (now also online), a demonstration or you want to book an exciting multimedia talk about the wet plate collodion process, contact me here please:

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