The "Inspired" series explained

Josef Zotter bean-to-bar producer of chocolate and inventor of the hand-scooped chocolate click for more

Denis Krieg - Historic Lens Expert and Wet Plate artist click for more

David Kriesel - Data Scientist click for more

Jonathan, a mushroom farmer you need to know more about: click for more

Lara Ješe is an artist who loves to express her inner worlds through animal shapes. Step into her menagerie anytime and bring some snacks for the horses - more here

Henrik Brahe - archaeologist artist and photographer - more here

Gerhard Sokol - photographer and artist - more here

Christian Jungwirth - commercial and magazine photographer and exhibition organiser - more here

Hans Gerlach - food photographer and columnist - more here

Wolfgang Mlakar - lighthouse keeper -more here

Borut Peterlin photographer and wet plate artist - ->

Michael White - Producer/Director/Author/Technician

Manuel Soultan - Tattoo Artist @manuelsoultantattoos

Jennifer - for more Info visit:

Gabriel Baharlia - Portrait Artist/Photographer @baharlia

Lois Lammerhuber - Photographer/Author/Publisher/Organizer

Katharina Gallhuber - Austrian alpine skier + Olympic Medalist @katharina.f.gallhuber wikipedia