Shopping List

Tools I use for the wet plate process (Scroll down for specific tools for specific projects)

Pump spray International: Germany:

Trays I use: International: Germany:

3m safety goggles 2800 international: Germany:

3M mask international: Germany:

Filters for organic gas: International: Germany:

Powderfree nitrile gloves international: Germany:

Haix black eagle working shoes (great fit and durable): Germany:

tray heater to cure sandarac varnish - Schalenwärmer zum Aushärten für Sandarac lack : Germany: 
optional food plate warmer international: Germany:

Wet plate head rest International: Tripod:  older: clamp for the head: 
Kopfstütze für Nassplattenfotografie: Germany: Refelktorhalter: oder Stativ: Zwinge für den Kopf:

The chemicals I use:

I buy my vintage lenses here:

Tools I use

Dremel Engraver international : Germany:

Dremel Workstation International: Germany:

Jigsaw table: Germany: 

Sidewinder 3d Printer international: Germany:

Filament I use: 

Drill press machine International (similar) Germany:

Head mount magnifying glasses: international: Germany:

Gear for my videos:

Insta 360 X2

Canon EOS M50 International: Germany:

Canon EF-M 22mm F2 International Germany:

Canon Adapter for M50: International: Germany:

Canon EF-S 10-22mm International: Germany:

Canon EOS 5D MK IV :

Canon EOS 35mm 1.4L International: Germany:

Canon EOS 100mm Macro 2.8L: International: Germany:

Venus Optics Laowa ultra macro: International: Germany:

Mafrotto tripod:

Sirui carbon fiber tripod: international: Germany:

Sirui ballhead: international Germany:

Linhof tripods and ballheads:

DJI OM 5 Gimbal

iPhone 12 Pro max (soon 13) : International: Germany:

iPhone 13 Pro max International: Germany:

Rode Wireless go II

Rode Video Mic pro

Rode Smart Lav+ International: Germany:

Mobile SSD: International: Germany:

Macbook international: Germany; (I used the one before that)

MacBook Air: International: Germany:

USB-C adapter: International Germany:

How to make a ground glass for a large format camera

grinding power international: Germany:

Mobile Darkroom modification shopping list (Eskimo Quickfish 3)

Peelable paint Abziehlack
Similar Version worldwide:

Screenprinting Paint - Siebdruckfarbe
Shop in Germany:
If you can't order there, get similar items here:
Amazon international:

Glue for the zip covers:
International: or

I would not suggest to buy the fabric online, go to a local store and look for a stiff one.

Pondliner - Teichfolie for the windows and the bottom of the tent
International: - - this should be big enough for the tent and the windows.
Germany: this should be big enough for the tent and the windows

Lee color filter 106 primary red - Red color gel - Rote Farbfolie
Don't get a cheap one, you will regret it.

Velcro - Klettverschluß for the windows - calculate for 8 windows

small foldable table - mine is made of wood and I can not recommend it anymore, thats the one I will get after mine is totally gone

Water canister with
I will get a foldable version soon too:

Rugged Erxplorer or pelican cases

Traveling Tanks:

Coleman Extreme cooler - choose the size you like

Lifetime Table 60kg:
The more rugged version:

Jiga wireless powerbank:

Led strips with remote and blutooth control:
International: or

Clips to mount the led strip on the tent:

How to remove Scratches from Tintypes

similar cake container (mine is no longer available): International: Germany 96% alcohol: International: Germany: trays I use: International: Germany: