Shopping List

Tools I use for the wet plate process (Scroll down for specific tools for specific projects/videos)

Pump spray International: Germany:

Trays I use: International: Germany:

3m safety goggles 2800 international: Germany:

3M mask international: Germany:

Filters for organic gas: International: Germany:

Powderfree nitrile gloves international: Germany:

Haix black eagle working shoes (great fit and durable): Germany:

tray heater to cure sandarac varnish - Schalenwärmer zum Aushärten für Sandarac lack : Germany: 
optional food plate warmer international: Germany:

Wet plate head rest International: Tripod:  older: clamp for the head: 
Kopfstütze für Nassplattenfotografie: Germany: Refelktorhalter: oder Stativ: Zwinge für den Kopf:

Chemical Pictures International: Deutschland:

Das Kollodium International: Deutschland:

The chemicals I use:

I buy my vintage lenses here:

Tools I use

Dremel Engraver international : Germany:

Dremel Workstation International: Germany:

Jigsaw table: Germany: 

Sidewinder x1 3d Printer international: Germany:

Sidewinder X2 3D Printer: International : Germany

Printer surveillance

Eve Energy power plug International 

Eve Energy power plug Germany 

Homekit Camera international 

Homekit Camera Germany

Vulcano Nozzle X:

Extrudr XPETG Filament I use:

Drill press machine International (similar) Germany:

Head mount magnifying glasses: international: Germany:

Music for my videos


Gear for my videos:

iPhone 13 Pro max International: Germany:

JOBY GripTight GorillaPod - may favourite tripod with magsafe
International: Germany:

DJI OM 5 Gimbal

DJI Mini 3 Pro with RC controler International and Germany  

DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit Plus International: Germany:
SanDisk Exttrene microSD 128gb cards International and Germany: Roboterwerk Strap (look for the mini 3 pro one) optional look here

Rode wirless go II: 

Rode Lavalier Go 

Rode Video Mic Me-L International: Deutschland:

Ulanzi VL49 RGB Video Lights 

Ulanzi MT-16 Camera Tripod with cold shoe 

 Spigen Tough Amor kickstand case 

Insta 360 X2

Canon EOS M50 International: Germany:

Canon EF-M 22mm F2 International Germany:

Canon Adapter for M50: International: Germany:

Canon EF-S 10-22mm International: Germany:

Canon EOS 5D MK IV :

Canon EOS 35mm 1.4L International: Germany:

Canon EOS 100mm Macro 2.8L: International: Germany:

Venus Optics Laowa ultra macro: International: Germany:

Mafrotto tripod:

Sirui carbon fiber tripod: international: Germany:

Sirui ballhead: international Germany:

Linhof tripods and ballheads:

iPhone 12 Pro max (soon 13) : International: Germany:

Rode Wireless go II

Rode Video Mic pro

Rode Smart Lavalier go microphone

Mobile SSD: International: Germany:

Macbook international: Germany; (I used the one before that)

MacBook Air: International: Germany:

USB-C adapter: International Germany:

We build Wet Plate Frankenstein Camera and Captured a Ghost

►Drill Press / Ständerbohrmaschine Intertnational: Deutschland: 
►Sidewinder X2 3D Printer International: Deutschland: 
►Dremmel International: Deutschland: 
►Dremel 575 Right Angle Attachment / Winkelaufsatz International: Deutschland:
►Uhu plus glue/kleber International: Deutschland:

Screen Cezanne Scanner
How to bring a 73kg High End Scanner Back to life:

►Isopropyl alcohol / Isopropanol
International: Deutschland
►antistatic gloves / Antistatikhandschuhe
International: Deutschland:
►antistatic cleaning cloth / Antistatisches Reinigungstuch
International: Deutschland:
►Delta 1 Camel Hair Brush / DELTA 1 Kamelhaarpinsel (Anti-Static-Pinsel) International: Deutschland:
►Rocket Blower International: Deutschland:
►SSD International: Deutschland:
►USB 2 card for old macs should have a nec D720101GJ chipset International:
►pata adapter for old Macs International: Deutschland:
►rudicing frame from 2.5" Reduzierrahmen 2.5" Inernational: Deutschland:
►Masking Tape / Maskierungsband International: Deutschland:

Video about Lukas Varnish

Links to the tools I use (check also your local stores) 

 ►Lukas Varnish: 

►Cardboard box international: Germany: 

►Pump spray International: Germany: 

►Papier Towel international: Germany: 

►Rotating Display stand international: Germany: 

►3M mask international: Germany: 

►Filters for organic gas: International: Germany: ►Powderfree nitrile gloves international: Germany: ►Rocket blower international: Germany: ►Developing Tray international: Germany 

►tray heater - Schalenwärmer: Germany: 

 ►optional food plate warmer international: Germany:

Video about my Strobes:

Canono Speedlite 600EX II RT 

International: Deutschland: 

Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash 

International: Deutschland: 

Canon Speedlite ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter 


Eneloop Batteries 



Westcot FJ200 strobe 

Westcot FJ200 additional battry: 

Westcot FJ200 AC Power Adapter 

Westcot FJ-X2m Universal Wireless Flash trigger 

Rollei main website 

Rollei Universal Flash Trigger (For Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus) 

 Rollei HS Freeze 2s battery powered strobe 

AC Power Adapter for Rollei HS Freeze 2s 

Rollei additional battery for HS Freeze 2s 

Rollei Softbox for HS Freeze 2s 

 All accessories for Rollei HS Freeze 2s strobe 

Godox AD200 Pro International: Deutschland: 

 Hensel Expert D 250 Speed: 

 Hensel Expert D 1000 (Integra is no longer available with 1000w) 

 Hensel Tria 3000AS Generator 

Hensel EH Pro 3000 head 

Hensel Tria 6000S Generator used available Hensel EH Pro 6000 head 

How to make a ground glass for a large format camera

grinding power international: Germany:

Mobile Darkroom modification shopping list (Eskimo Quickfish 3)

Peelable paint Abziehlack
Similar Version worldwide:

Screenprinting Paint - Siebdruckfarbe
Shop in Germany:
If you can't order there, get similar items here:
Amazon international:

Glue for the zip covers:
International: or

I would not suggest to buy the fabric online, go to a local store and look for a stiff one.

Pondliner - Teichfolie for the windows and the bottom of the tent
International: - - this should be big enough for the tent and the windows.
Germany: this should be big enough for the tent and the windows

Lee color filter 106 primary red - Red color gel - Rote Farbfolie
Don't get a cheap one, you will regret it.

Velcro - Klettverschluß for the windows - calculate for 8 windows

small foldable table - mine is made of wood and I can not recommend it anymore, thats the one I will get after mine is totally gone

Water canister with
I will get a foldable version soon too:

Rugged Erxplorer or pelican cases

Traveling Tanks:

Coleman Extreme cooler - choose the size you like

Lifetime Table 60kg:
The more rugged version:

Jiga wireless powerbank:

Led strips with remote and blutooth control:
International: or

Clips to mount the led strip on the tent:

How to remove Scratches from Tintypes

similar cake container (mine is no longer available): International: Germany 96% alcohol: International: Germany: trays I use: International: Germany: